thoughtleader (II)

Anum Sajjad

Italian born entrepreneur with Paksitani roots, she talks about Clubhouse, the hot topic or cool thing of the moment. She took the time to elaborate possibilities of the social media’s educational capacities and uses.

You are quite an early adopter of Clubhouse, apparently the social network of 2021. What kind of rooms are you participating in? Are you moderating some as well?

I have joined Clubhouse in mid – January. At the beginning I was participating mostly in rooms about Marketing and Business. Later I have started joining more rooms on topics about diversity, inclusion, self-development or concentrating just on networking.
I have had the chance to moderate a few of them and also created others to talk about Instagram, Photography or Job Research in 2021.


In an article on your blog you have mentioned that your active screen time has drastically gone up, since using Clubhouse. For me as a digital minimalist, this network also seems likely to fill up members’ time with a lot of “empty content” as instagram and other attention-based social media platforms are doing for quite a while, to create data and therefore income. Would you agree? Or how is this one different? Did you find a real and valuable return on your invested time?

Empty content can be found anywhere. Years ago we used to do the typical zapping on the tv to find something, we have now moved our attention onto new devices.
I do agree that If you do not control how you are using social media and the linked devices,  it can lead to a lot of wasted time. However, again, this thought can be applied to anything in life. I strongly believe that social media are good if used the right way. One can learn new things and connect with people that he or she would otherwise probably never meet.

Moreover I got attracted by Clubhouse because it is an application which is just focused on the voice. After years of being bombarded with visual content it is nice to concentrate just on listening. The voice is something really personal and powerful, you can immediately connect with the feelings of who is talking and there is no space for faking because everything is live and not pre-recorded.
It can also be a great practice for public speaking. As I was saying before, by getting inside the room you need to focus on listening and what you are saying and no one is distracted by your appearance.
I am in a particular time of my life. I am exploring and trying to understand which road to take next. In the past weeks I made a lot of connections with amazing people through Clubhouse. I am now talking with some of them outside the app in order to work and create something together.
I was born in Italy but my parents are originally from Pakistan, for some reason I did not connect much with this part of me in the past, but through Clubhouse I am finding a lot Pakistani around the world and I do connect with them. It is honestly amazing.
So to answer your question, yes I am happy about my time spent on Clubhouse.

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As a young entrepreneur where do you think ClubHouse is going in terms of content, service and innovation (not in terms of evaluation or investment)? Where should it go, if you were in charge? Can you please share your ideas / wishes? 

I am sure it is gonna change a lot from what it is now. They will probably add new features as a private chat to text the person you connected with. Moreover there will be a chance to monetise through creating content for other people by making them pay a fee for joining a club or a particular room. However I wish it will still remain an app based on voice and that it will not transform into something with pre-recorded content or by adding a visual space. This app is somewhat similar to a Radio however you can hear anyone from any part of the world whenever you want and most importantly interact. It can be a great instrument to educate and inform people on any topic. It is also nice to see some brands getting inside and opening rooms to connect with their customers.


Podcasts are used for education in some progressiv universities. Could it be imaginable that ClubHouse, as a somewhat live « podcast », could be introduced for educational purposes?  For example as a borderless, inclusive group discussion tool or as an afterlesson exchange platform for students around specific themes? 

Yes, I do believe it can be used by students at school. Personally I would have used it for my thesis research when I needed to find people for the qualitative interviews. It could  be good to conduct surveys, host debates or have speakers come to interact with students as it happens also in school.  It is often difficult to have them in person,so it would be a good possible alternative.

Moreover it is a live content application but it is possible to already book the time to talk about certain topics, and lately a lot of CEOs from brands are getting inside to talk. So, I think it could be an extra activity to be suggested by teachers to their students.


Please name your current favourite book? Why did you name it and what is special about it?

It is not my favourite but It is the last I read and it is called ‘La tua mente può tutto’ from Italo Pentimalli.
It was suggested to me actually from someone inside Clubhouse as we were discussing how sometimes you can get stuck in choices you make in life not because you really want it but because you are influenced by society or friends and family.
I found it interesting, there was some content I have already heard in the past years but reading it by my own was definitely interesting. It is important to not focus on just one way to view things because it precludes you from a lot of other possibilities that might suit you better.


Thanks very much Anum for that exchange.


the questions were shared through a collaborative Google-Doc file in February 2021.