thoughtleader IX

Patrick Morgan

is a leading thinker in the area of learning through the Arts and Illustration. Challenging education has led him to radical modes of practice through new technology from Augmented to Virtual Reality, as well as Artificial Intelligence in Design Thinking. He is the founder of FIDA, a global online platform promoting fashion illustration and drawing around the world, while helping young and upcoming artists to integrate the market. Patrick is an advisory consultant to Deloitte in the field of design education and works with the Royal College of Art, Wallpaper* magazine and Tate Modern exploring future learning and critical thinking.

We start off, defining the importance of Illustration in today’s visual world and how it has led Patrick to found FIDA. (1:54 min)

In the second block we are looking at the digital space, remote teaching and what we should have learned during these last disruptive years. (8:06 min)

In block three Patrick talks about the integration of the arts into STEM subjects, creating what he calls STEAM. Also, we see what design thinking has to do with all of it. (15:07 min)

We close our exchange by challenging current education and its recent introduction to the virtual space. Patrick comes up with some interesting ideas on how we can make sure to go to Mars. (24:41 min)

patrick's bookclub

How to See

by David Salle

How to See

by David Salle

The conversation was held via Zoom in October 2021.

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