I am part of a collaborative distributed collective, with an extensive network of collaborators, coaches and consultants. I am happy to offer expertise in Education Management and its Transformation. My approach and solutions are based on over 20 years of transversal experience in Higher Education, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship in a multitude of markets.

finding new dimensions

With my innovative and proven 3D approach at the intersection of theory and practice, I always involve all involved stakeholders to elaborate and implement bespoke solutions in strategic planning, creation and extraction of value proposition, as well as the elaboration of innovative programs, training, and workshops.

my 3D (threed) approach

design thinking is 3D

We apply different design thinking approaches to open up a vast spectrum of creativity and innovation. 

stakeholders are 3D

All stakeholders are actively involved for all the workshops during the project. 

"new education" is 3D

Following the idea of „new work“, education has also to be defined with three interconnected dimensions.

following a clear process


they trusted my expertise: