Education 4.0

« Transformation today is not just digital. It is total. Education is part of that profound transition. »

Transformation, Employment and you

A recent Manpower survey shows that 90% of millenials are ready to invest their own money to get more training shortly after finishing a Master with a degree. The market has pivoted from a classic comprehension of work to a combination of very fluid comptetences that are sparsley taught: 

Hybride jobs*

In order to maintain its pertinence, Higher Education is in need of new and innovative contributions. Change can not just be taught or communicated. It needs to be lived everyday.

My Approach

« The elaboration of an academic transformation plan must be accomplished in collaboration and with equitable responsibility. »

This digital era is defined by 3 interconnected dimensions. In order to satisfy the needs of a lifelong-learner and to integrate her into this fluctuating market, education needs to apply the same 3D prism.

My approach always includes all stakeholders. It is centered on the school and the academic experience it offers for its students. Let us first look for the right thing to do and then on doing it right.

A pedagogic program and its accreditation system need to follow current times and its transformation. Their pertinence needs to be regularly analyzed, elaborated or adjusted and finally implemented in well defined micro-cycles.

Cooperation is accomplished by the division of labor among participants as an activity where each person is responsible for solving a portion of the problem. Whereas collaboration is a coordinated, synchronous activity that is the result of a continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem (Maeda, 2019).

My Work

I consult and support you with:

  • Analysis of status quo
  • Academic program structure and business model
  • Transformation coaching
  • Backing of faculty and staff (HR)
  • Strategy
  • Certification and accreditation policies