Thomas Brigger (born 1979) is a Swiss creative, working and living in Paris. His work is based on the idea that “art is an act of sharing”, a true interaction. The practice follows a distinct and self-imposed set of rules, distinguishing the definitions of artistic work and the resulting artistic propositions in a clear way.


thomas brigger, potrait and biography
Right after his studies of visual art in Switzerland he moved to Milan, where he graduated from Istituto Marangoni as a Menswear Designer. Ever since the start of his extensive experience in the fashion industry, his personal artistic interests focus on questioning Identities and their link to diversity in contemporary online aesthetics. Brigger explores the deeply intertwined relation between personal history and digital storytelling. He tries to visually explore time and it’s passing.
His propositions are mostly based on “rather banal” snapshots; un-artificial images of tarmac, walls, trash et cetera. Brigger has never understood these pictures to be final or definitive, they are to be seen as reminder of places, things, experiences, feelings or just as intentional question marks: Visual research or natural compositions from which to build on, proposing an artistic output, incorporating a diverse range of mediums.
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